File Magic

File Magic is a free (forever, no adverts) file manager for Android OS v1.5+.




Lock files or directories with simple pincodes to prevent casual access.

Tasker Integration Features

The following features all require
Tasker to be installed on your device. If you are browsing this on your device, you can install it directly (not yet available).

Custom Actions

File Magic allows you to include Tasker tasks in the action list that pops up when you long-click on files or directories. That allows you to use any of Tasker's over 100 actions when you select one or more files or directories.

Example tasks:

Audio Sample

Play a 3 second excerpt of audio files in the background.


Encrypt/Decrypt multiple files or whole directories (requires Direct-Purchase version of Tasker).

Zip Files

Zip/Unzip multiple files at once.

Start Parameters

If you launch File Magic using Tasker's Browse Files action, you can specify This enables you to e.g. have widgets for various SD card directories in your homescreen.