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File Magic: Release Notes

1.10b, 21/09/2011

  • bugfix: fixed encryption action passing to recent Tasker version
  • bugfix: using Open As on files without an extension was crashing

1.9b, 26/05/2011

  • setting of %PATH when calling Tasker tasks wasn't working
  • added check for Tasker RUN_TASKS permission before running tasks
  • move/copy selection, rename: if destination files(s) exist, get confirmation
  • after renaming a dir, it was showing as empty
  • simulate SD remount to update Android caches when appropriate (option in Misc)

1.8b, 09/02/2011

  • permission to run Tasker tasks needed for Tasker version 1.18
  • bugfix: trying to catch crash after going back to UI when it's been backgrounded for a while
  • bugfix: rename files whose names are same case-insensitive wasn't doing anything
  • handle upper-case extensions of known file-extensions
  • show File Magic in recent apps list when called from Tasker bugfix: directory prefs drawer was popping up from back key sometimes bugfix: long-back key preference wasn't working (some OS)
  • bugfix: Browse Files intent from Tasker now always goes to the specified dir even when File Magic is backgrounded with another dir open
  • new icon

1.7b, ??/??/2010

  • initial read of whole SD: first time, stop at 10000 files so doesn't lock up if too many files on SD
  • tapping apk's will install them
  • added special apk icon
  • bugfix: was crashing after returning to FM some time after leaving while viewing text file
  • added some tips
  • reading SD: be more responsive when asked to stop
  • default sort is not alphanumeric
  • catch a lot more out-of-memory errors around image handling
  • catch OOMs with large text files

1.6b, 17/7/2010

  • added 'Default' to Open As options
  • added configuration for search button
  • short click search: toggle between search/not search
  • added confirmation dialog for deletes
  • zip mime type changed to application/zip
  • adaptions for Froyo
  • made prefs persistent
  • added hint text for search screen
  • moved todo list external
  • text editor: now shrinks when soft keyboard comes up

1.5b, 17/02/2010

  • changed developer interface to Tasker
  • added share for multiple files (android 2+)
  • bugfix: toolbar was popping up with back key from action list

1.4b, 15/01/2010

  • major revamp, too many changes to mention

1.3b, 13/12/09

  • package name of Cupcake version changed for compatibility with Tasker cupcake version


  • changed name to File Magic (Filer already existed)
  • added Per-Directory Sort Type preference (alpha,filesize,extension,reverse)
  • added General preference Directories Last
  • made file/directory sorting case-insensitive
  • added option General Preference SD Card Is Root. Unclick to be able to browse the root directory.
  • added fast scrolling with Thumb widget for dirs with lots of files
  • added Clear Thumb Cache and Clear Directory Prefs menu options
  • changed image loading to lazy style
  • added directory info to title bar: total filesize, no files, no dirs, plus General preference to disable
  • report filesize >1024 MB as GB
  • added file info to top of long-click menu
  • added first-run controls dialog
  • some other things less significant :-)


  • added per-directory preference Show Toolbar, to enable full-screen display
  • added per-directory preference Show File Extension
  • changed all 'Hide X' prefs to 'Show X' for consistency
  • a selection bugfix
  • changed logo slightly, it's still rubbish though :-)




First version.