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File Magic: Developers

If you wish to call File Magic from your own app, you could do it like this:
Intent i = new Intent( Intent.ACTION_MAIN );

// Add extras here with i.putExtra( KEY, VALUE );

try {
	startActivity( intent );
catch ( ActivityNotFoundException e ) {
	Log.e( TAG, "Houston, we are out of toilet roll." );

On Cupcake devices, the package name should be net.dinglisch.android.filercupcake instead.

File Magic recognizes the following extras:

  • start_dir (String)
    first directory to show
  • file_match (String)
    Java regex of files to match (all directories are still shown)
  • show_hidden (Boolean)
    show hidden files/dirs, overrides user prefs
  • show_tools (Boolean)
    show the toolbar on startup
  • select_mode (String)
    start in file select mode
  • selection (String [])
    list of files/dirs to start with being selected
  • entered_codes (ArrayList<String>)
    list of lock codes for the lock action
  • start_file (String)
    valid for a zip,image or text file