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Future Plans

File Magic: Future Plans

Future Plans

Possible future features under consideration.
  • search results as found
  • within files (e.g. including MP3 tags)
  • "searchable items" in the main Android search function
  • handle GET_CONTENT
  • tasker task selector dialog
  • request root permission when permission denied e.g. modifying root fies
  • high-density icons
  • make swipes configurable
  • per-directory image cache quality
  • landscape-specific icon cache option
  • allow use as a file selector, setResult()
  • fileobserver on current directory for auto-refresh
  • fileobserver on locked files to handle move/copy by other apps
  • recursive copy on separate thread
  • periodic cache tidy, remove unused file/dir prefs
  • configure audio-sample length
  • configure delete confirmations
  • option add mime type if it's unknown when view file
  • respect selected files for previous/next image
  • image icons in zip files
  • gesture navigation viewing zip file images
  • image: allow rotation and configure controls for it
  • image: remember rotation per-file if changed
  • text: search/replace toolbar
  • WLAN to access shared folders
  • BT